Restoring Our Humanity and Healing Our Souls

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Welcome to Life After Time!

Whether you are a presently or formerly incarcerated person, a family member, loved one, friend, counselor, supporter, ally, concerned citizen, politician, administrator, etc. We WELCOME you to a true and raw inside look at the profound, internal realities of life lived behind bars, and the human toll this experience exacts on human beings.

The Life After Time video series provides viewers with a unique and intimate window through which to observe quality conversations of the lived experience and collateral impacts of incarceration through the eyes of those who have been impacted. Through this effort, we intend to humanize those who have been dehumanized.

We have designed this effort for all viewers to gain deeper understandings of impacted people, and for those impacted to process their struggles, emotions and challenges, and to know they are not alone.

The Life After Time video series

Asks questions from the Recharge Beyond the Bars Restorative Communication game which is presently utilized in 90 prisons and jails and numerous community organizations, as well as amongst friends and family.

These empathy-based, open-ended questions provide the opening into the hearts and minds of those who will take us on their journey, and help us to deepen our understanding of what it means to be criminalized in America.

Recharge helps us to grow with and because of one another”
Incarcerated person at Louisiana State Penitentiary

The Life After Time video series helps us to liberate ourselves from the brutal societally imposed, dehumanized narrative of the “incarcerated” that diminishes all of us at best, and tragically wreaks havoc on the lives of those caught up in the system.

Let us all listen, learn and love together.


Communication, following an extraordinary experience, trauma or even a long separation, as in an incarceration is a profoundly difficult challenge. It is widely understood that an interruption in the ability to communicate thoughts, feelings and beliefs often results in a sense of profound isolation and exclusion.


Was created to build bridges, and to assist with these challenges. By playing Recharge, formerly incarcerated people and those who care, and interact with them are able to build trust and pathways for re-connection.

Recharge has proven itself to be the vehicle through which an incarcerated or formerly incarcerated person can express what their reality is, what they wrestle with and face each day, to reflect on and process their incarceration and life experiences together, and to feel valued and connected. It provides the structure for people to communicate their feelings in a positive way, while it creates open discussion and builds bridges, understanding, trust and genuine connection.


Recharge is utilized by:

  • Reentry programs in and outside of prison
  • In mentoring programs
  • Amongst friends and family
  • In church and faith-based reentry programs
  • In group and individual therapy sessions
  • In maximum security units
  • In substance abuse treatment units
  • In restrictive housing units and many more……..

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“I absolutely enjoyed and gained tremendous progress from the Recharge game. The game really digs deep into someone’s inner self, and it builds confidence for someone who is isolated within themselves. It breaks down those walls that prevented them from growing or moving forward.”
- A.W.

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