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A Creative Collaboration Life After Time Video Series

The Life After Time video series is a partnership and creative collaboration between Trance4mation Nation and Black Zebra Charity.

Trance4mation Nation and Black Zebra Charity are committed to providing healing resources to all those impacted by the carceral system, as well as to Humanize our Brothers and Sisters to all viewers and participants. As the saying goes… There but for the grace of God go I.

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LESLIE R. ROBINSON President Trance4mation Nation/ President Beyond the Bars LLC/ CEO Trance4mation Games /Inventor/ Workshop Leader/ Therapist /Keynote Speaker/ Trainer


 Leslie is a Therapist in New York City,Inventor of the Recharge Beyond the Bars Re-entry game,and she was a Consultant for the foster care system for twenty years. Leslie is the President of Beyond the Bars LLC, and the President and Founder of the non-profit, Trance4mation Nation.

Leslie invented the Recharge Re-entry game, as well as Warrior Spirit Mission Homefront, a Veteran reintegration game in use nationwide across all branches of the military, and the Keep It Real Inclusion board game, in use nationwide on approximately 1,000 college campuses and one hundred Boys & Girls Clubs, as well as the STREETS board game, developed with G.M.A.C.C., an organization staffed by credible messengers, to address issues dealing with gang and street life, as well as to address trauma. These games provide safe spaces for people to open up, and to receive support, acceptance and validation.

Moreover, for two years, Leslie was a Department of Defense Reintegration Speaker, presenting to Service Members and their families at Yellow Ribbon Reintegration events nationwide on a regular basis. She has been a Program Director for at-risk youth in the South Bronx.  For six years, she created, implemented and supervised long-term intensive arts and after-school programs in inner city schools for at-risk youth, and for two years pioneered a poetry project at Rikers Island Correctional Facilities for Men and Women.  She was a Consultant for the foster care system for twenty years, supervised residences for homeless young adults, worked with the schizophrenic population in homeless shelters, and worked in an emergency shelter for runaway youth.  A former adjunct professor in literature and writing at the College of New Rochelle, Leslie graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Masters Degree in Creative Writing.

Leslie has developed and facilitated workshops, and delivered presentations on college campuses, for Yellow Ribbon Reintegration events, and in prisons and jails nationwide. Her areas of expertise are: Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Development, Team Building, Veteran Reintegration, Prison Reentry, Professional Development, Resiliency and Mental Health.  She has appeared on Good Day New York, PIX 11 News, Al Jazeera America , on the Security Brief on Reelz T.V., Sirius XM Radio, and on many national radio broadcasts.

       For more information please visit & the product websites:                   www.inthelineofdutyguardians. com


CARL ROBINSON Executive Director of Black Zebra Charity/ Executive Producer/Producer of The Life After Time Video Series/ CEO of SoKuL Body Wear/ KooL Hounds Canine Communication Coach

Carl brings over 15 years of Self-Development, Peer Leadership and Spiritual Transmutation to the production of the Life After Times Video Series. Carl reemerged May 29th 2018 to the Sacramento, California Community to become the Executive Director of Black Zebra Charity where artist /creatives have an opportunity to grow, develop and collobarate their artstic talent.

As Founder of SokuL Body Wear LLC a fashion and apparel design company Carl aims to provide the returning citizens designers a platform to create apparel that compliments their new lifestyle. Self-Reflection and Knowing Self is the communicative tool that Carl teaches reemerging community members through his company KooL Hounds Canine Communication Coaching. Where the returning citizens may learn various skillsets in the dog training industry while transitioning into the community.

Carl is an active member of The Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC), Defy Ventures, Bitwise Industries/Alphaworks

Testimonies From the Impacted